Özmermer family began to work in 1952 with a small pita bakery that was founded by their valued eldest hardworking and senior person Hasan Özmermer. Mustafa and Ali Özmermer brothers who are taken over the mission from their fathers founded Özmermer Bakehouse in 1976; and soon after Has Bread Bakery Products in 1983 as well.

Has Bread Bakery Products has brought in something new in the field of bakery products in Gaziantep with the production of first variety of breads in Gaziantep. Because of their priorities about continuous improvement and innovation objectives;  they started to operate in flour production area with the establishment of Özmermer Flour Plant in 1994 in order to produce more quality flour based upon their bakehouse.They achieved to increase their daily production capacity from 120 tons to 250 tons since their first foundation with the investments that was done in 1997.

In 2013; with the new investment that was made in accordance with the market sense in the worlwide, customer expectations, sustainable objectives of the quality sense;  they established the new plant on 4.Organized Industrial Zone on 50.000m2 land with full-automation new system daily 600 tons of wheat processing capacity.

Industry- leading Özmermer Flour is in progress of the production of flour  untouched by human hands utterly with modern production technology. It is among one of the most important and leading companies  of the country and its region with the production capacity of 600 tons daily. It provides the sustainability of the quality at the highest level with the effective methods of analysis in the wheat and flour analysis quality control laboratory that has equipped with the latest technology. Özmermer Flour has been preferred as a most wanted, reputable and reliable trade mark  at any time in its own sector because of all above mentioned causes and characteristics.

Message From President

Dear friends, customers, business partners, suppliers and employees,

Our success story has started with a small pita bakery that was founded by our valued eldest, father, hardworking and senior person Hasan Özmermer in 1952. After the breaking grounds  and operating in the bakery products area through long ages, we established flour plant in 1994 according to our decision that was taken early 1990’s with the belief that we can do better.

We realized having a brand in flour production industry within short period faithfully, labouredly and adhering to the business ethic. We always have paid our attention to the happiness of our customers, business partners and employees. Now, we keep going our way with the faith and ambitious of our founder Hasan Özmermer who has greater imageries than his resources. We perform nature conscious production with the modern technology investments. We maintain our domestic market success without compromising the quality ever after in  overseas also.

We experience the pride of the best representation of our country and Gaziantep.

We would like to express our gratitude to our family members, employees, business partners, suppliers and in particular  to our customers who choose us.

I greet with respect all wishing to achieve many great success together.

                                                                                                    Mustafa ÖZMERMER
                                                                                                  Chairman of the Board



Vision / Mission


Being a  leader ,reputable, universal, make difference and symbol of continuous development and change company  not only in Gaziantep but also national and internationally as well.


Our company values the satisfaction of the business partners, employees and suppliers above something or someone and operating in the national and international arena without compromising about the quality as  a  company that has  society and environment-friendly, innovator, following the latest technology.

Our Values

Respectful to the human,
Customer satisfaction,
Society and environment friendly,
Sincereness and Transparency,
Believe in Teamwork,
Supporting the development of the employees,

Qality Policy

Özmermer Flour takes as principle to present quality and hygienic products with the protection of human health; and PROMISES to the followings;

Assuring our products promptly and everytime according to the customer’s request and expectations in parellel with the standards and regulations,

Performing appropriate production in accordance with the food security covenants that are specified in the legal legislations using modern production technologies.

By meeting the request and expectations of the customers in the best way to ensure customer satisfaction;

Effective and mutual communicating with legal authorities, customers and our suppliers who are taking place in food chain,

Continuous development, improvement and implementation of our processes that we execute according to the Quality Management and Food Security systems,

And reassures to produce and work providing trainings to all employees in accordance with our QUALITY POLICY.